Connect to Your Customers

  • Create a modern ordering experience with CloudHood online ordering
  • Our user friendly, customizable storefront lets you easily connect with your customers online

Real-Time Menu Sync

  • You can upload your menu right from the Point-of-Sale
  • All new menus and-prices changes are synced automatically
  • Spend less time doing redundant work and spend more time on your business

Seamless Integration​

  • With CloudHood, managing online order is easy
  • As soon as an order is placed, it will show up on the Point-of-Sale, Kitchen Display System, and print to kitchen printer

Third Party Online Order Integration

Tired of having multiple tablets cluttering up your business?
Manage all your online orders from different online order apps from one place.
All orders will come into CloudHood Point-of-Sale

White Labeled App

  • We can create your own branded mobile ordering app
  • Customize your interface and create company recognition
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